Fuzhou Fuying plastic and rubber products Co.,Ltd belongs to Taiwan-invested enterprises, which was founded in 1992. Our company introduces a series of PU leather manufactural equipments to produce ployurethane leatheroid ( PU leather for short). Our company has retained the PU leather manufacturing specialists to mastermind production and products exploitation for a long time. We produce all kinds of PU leather,for example, dried PU leather, knitted PU leather, wetted PU leather, non-spinned PU leather, yellow-resistant white PU leather, cold-resistant PU leather, waterproof raincoat PU leather, flame-resistant raincoat PU leather, static electricity-resistant raincoat PU leather, waterproof and grease-resistant raincoat PU leather, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant raincoat PU leather, waterproof and water-penetrating raincoat PU leather, high visibility fluorescence clothes PU leather, etc. We have applied ourselves to the exploitation of green products and other functional products. We have made great progress and passed the relative international standard test for many items, such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 I-grade( baby-grade),EN471 2003 and ROHS authentication. Our products applies to many industries ,for example, shoemaking, labor-protecting raincoats, functional protective clothes, boxes and bags, sofa, strap, gloves ,etc.

Fuying company is different from others with its quality of products and service, perfect service before and after selling, reliable products of high quality brought by clients.

Loyal clients are our lifeline. We try our best to upbuild long-term and steady cooperation relationship with clients,and offer them timely service with high quality and high adjunctive values.
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